I got 99 names, but "Fiona Krakenbürger" ain't one of them


I have a flattr account, but besides and more importantly, I have a bunch of books in my Amazon Wishlist. I’d be a giant support for my studies if you’d donate one of these. I’d be even more delighted if you know a different company to order the books, since I am well aware of the problematic strategies of Amazon.

In return I try to excerpt the books received and put my notes online. I basically work like a (slow) machine, which processes books into reading notes :) Since reading notes can take a long time and my book stack is growing to a remarkable size, I’ll send you a nice 13 x 18 photo print as a gift in return, if you remark that in an email.

You might even have one of these books at home and either you read them already or cannot be bothered to do so. In that case – please contact me for sending details at


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