I got 99 names, but "Fiona Krakenbürger" ain't one of them




I was born and raised and spoiled in Berlin.
I used to worked as a freelance photographer but then decided to do nothing instead. That plan didn’t quite work out, in fact I often do a lot of things.

In 2011 I started to study European Ethnology. My studies focus mainly on digital phenomena and how people deal with those. I also try to think about how social sciences can conduct their research on these phenomena, being confronted with new challenges that are embedded in their digital nature.
I am conducting a seminar about these questions. I co-founded and currently guide the Media Lab of the “Institut für Europäische Ethnologie”. Besides, I am a member of the “Kommission für Digitalisierung im Alltag” of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde”.

In 2012 I started to learn programming and documented my progress on my blog “Fiona Lernt Programmieren”. That didn’t quite work out either, instead I learn everything that is connected to computers, like computer architecture, cryptography, finger print spoofing or how to destroy, disassemble, blow-dry and reassemble my laptop.
Besides I try to encourage people to engage into the funky world of computer technology, especially those that also used to suck at subjects like mathematics.

I play in this giant Orchestra, singing songs about the sun on children’s instruments.  You should check it out. Sometimes I’m a guest musician. Here or here. Seldomly I write songs by myself.

Further fields of interest:
Feminism, Postcolonialism, Dogs and Tofu.

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